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Hey everyone! This is where I'm going to post stuff that's important to you and me. I'll talk about saving money, shopping, looking for sales and other fun stuff. I'll also let you know when Dr. Spendit is up to no good, so we can work together to make sure M3 stays safe. OK, that's all for today. Be sure to check back for more posts

See you later!


P.S. Don't forget – Save Your Money. Save the World!


You know you spend too much money when ...

  • Money actually burns holes in your pockets.
  • You have an iPod for everyday of the week.
  • You can use your receipts to build a full-scale paper mache version of the Statute of Liberty
  • You think you hear your name in commercials.
  • You canít afford a penny for someoneís thoughts.


The BEST Place to Save Your Money: The Credit Union
Hereís why...

  • They have a friendly staff
  • They like kids
  • Theyíll teach you about money
  • Youíll always know where to find your money
  • Youíre the boss at the credit union


Really, Really Bad Places to Save Your Money Looking for a safe place to stash your money?
AVOID these places at all costs. They may seem safe, but youíll never get your money back.

  • Under a rock ... in the lionís den at the zoo.
  • Buried in the ground ... near your neighborís pit bull.
  • In a piggy bank ... on top of Mt. Everest.
  • Under the mattress ... of your baby brother who wets the bed.
  • Buried in hole ... of fire ants.


Five Ways to Save Money
Having trouble saving money? Here are a few tricks to remember:

  1. Donít carry a lot of cash around because you might be more tempted to spend all of it.
  2. Every time you get money, put some away.
  3. You donít have to save every penny you get.
    Spend a little, save a little.
  4. Save with the credit union ó youíll make more money.
  5. Create a saving plan and stick to it.


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