What's Your Money Personality?

Are you a Saving Super Hero or a Super Spender? Take this simple quiz to see how “cents-ible” you are when it comes to money.

1. When I receive money, I usually ...

A. Deposit it into my Credit Union account.
B. Spend a little and save a little.
C. Go wild and spend every last penny.

2. If I won a million dollars, I would ...

A. Save most of it for college and other important things.
B. Celebrate by spending some of it and save the rest.
C. Spend it ALL on a huge party with the Jonas Brothers.

3. Before I spend money I usually ...

A. Talk to my parents to get their opinion.
B. Look for sales and compare prices.
C. Can’t wait to spend!!!

4. My idea of saving money is ...

A. Setting a savings goal and sticking to it.
B. Putting a few dollars away every so often.
C. In one pocket and out the other.

Add up your answers. If most of your answers were:

A’s - Congratulations! You’re a Saving Super Hero. You’ll be ready for anything that comes your way.
B’s - Not bad! You’re a Super Hero in training. Keep learning and keep saving.
C’s - Watch out! Your spending is out of control. Don’t worry, it isn’t too late to learn to save and be a Saving Super Hero.

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