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Earn Extra Cash!
(AKA: Money doesn't grow on trees)

Dr. Spendit is at it again… He’s trying to sell money trees to people. There’s just one problem: the trees are fake! To get money, you have to earn it.

Here are three real ways to earn real money

Snack Attack
Bake cookies or other treats, and sell them in your neighborhood. (But don’t spend too much money on ingredients).

Woof! Walks
Love pets? Offer to walk, feed or watch your neighbors’ dogs. Not only will you make money, you’ll have fun doing it!

Yard Work
A lot of people want to clean up their yards. You can mow, pull weeds, rake, and pick up branches for extra cash.

Top secret bonus tip:
Make a flyer or write an email about your services, and ask your parents to help spread the word.

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